Woofas Barkery Family Story

Sitting around the dining room table the Austen family had a need that sparked into an idea. The family wanted to give their new pup a wholesome dog treat but were unable to find a suitable treat in the market. 
They knew they needed to create their own.
Researching ingredients learning which would offer the best nutritional value yet still be super tasty they created a delicious menu of natural wholesome dog treats. 
Word spread of their dog treats and starting selling to people outside of family and friends. This was the beginning for Woofas Doggone Delights back in 1987.
Around the same time the Austen family were sitting around their dining room table a young girl was discovering her love of dogs.   Throughout the years she learned everything she could about dogs, from breeds to behaviours, training to food.  
If there was one thing this girl knew, it was dogs!
With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and desire to spend all day with her dog, she began to look at ways to incorporate her love of dogs with her love of baking.
As fate would have it, the Austen family knew it was time to pass Woofas Doggone Delights to someone new.  The girl was welcomed by the Austen family to their dining room table to take over the business, carry on their ethos and build on their foundations.
In 2018 Woofas Barkery was established providing natural wholesome dog treats, and for cat treats too. 
Hand crafted artisan baked biscuit and air-dried meat treats for dogs and cats.  Made from New Zealand natural and wholesome ingredients the foundation of all Woofas Barkery dog treats and what Woofas is known for in the pet community.
Austen Family
Austen Family
    Woofas Barkery Owner Woofas Barkery Owner ~ Alana. Hi!